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Following Recipes and Creating Mayhem In Small Spaces


We hope life has been kind to you.

One thing we have noticed now that we are living in Kansas City is that groceries, specifically produce, are more expensive in the Midwest than on the West Coast. This has driven us to make the weekly farmer’s market our primary grocery experience. Tessa has been looking up all kinds of recipes online learning how to make delightful new dishes. Today’s success was ratatouille!  I (Tessa) loosely followed this guy’s recipe (except I did cook the eggplant and zucchini separately).


In May, we went down to Eugene and played a show live on KWVA! We invited people to the radio station just like a regular house show, and ended up with a great mix of friends and new faces packing out the small room. Besides showcasing how FUN we are, it is the longest show in DNA history and spans nearly 2 hrs (including an interview and plenty of banter). There are quite a few surprises on the recording, including some unreleased songs from a Nate side project, so go check it out. It’s available for free or donation.

With Our Powers Combined Turns 1 Today!!

“With Our Powers Combined” (the 7th DNA full length and first full band album) was released a year ago today! Happy Birthday WOPC!!!!! Thanks again to Gnarboots for Gnarbooting and everyone else who helped us make this album happen.

We received many great reviews like this one and this one and this one.. and played around 100 shows supporting the record.

Supplies are limited and you should grab the digipak on our webstore:

You can also download the record for any price on bandcamp:

Thanks for the continued support! – Nate Allen

With Our Powers Combined turns 1 today

Special thanks to The Atom Age for unknowingly influencing this blog layout.

We’re Doing A Kickstarter!

Check out our Kickstarter: Destroy Nate Allen’s Epic Album Adventure!

Destroy Nate Allen was recently presented with an opportunity to make our first professional studio album featuring the amazingly fun Gnarboots (Asian Man Records) as our backing band. The album will be recorded in California to 2” tape at The Atomic Garden, run by Jack Shirley who plays in Comadre. We’d like to invite you take part in this epic adventure by choosing one of the rewards to the right, essentially pre-ordering the new album.

Two of the songs from this recording session will be featured on a split 7” vinyl with Blaster The Rocket Man, who play sci-fi, mind-altering, horror punk. They are one of our favorite bands ever!

Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing platform, so for everyone to get their awesome prizes, we need to reach the $4000 goal. You are not charged for your pledge if the goal is not reached by Jan 18. Concurrently, if we do reach our goal, you are not charged until Jan 18, when the funding period ends. Without your help we will not be able to make this happen.

We are based in Portland, OR and play interactive, sing-a-long, folk punk. Since 2006, we have self-released and self-funded 6 full-length albums and played over 700 shows throughout the United States. Tessa’s tax work is seasonal and we are both full time students. The financial strain of being such active musicians is taking its toll, but we cannot pass up such a unique opportunity.

Below are a ton of details about various aspects of the project. We’ve racked our brains coming up with the coolest rewards imaginable, so spread the word and let’s have some fun!

Check out our Kickstarter: Destroy Nate Allen’s Epic Album Adventure!

Thank you in advance for your support!

Nate Allen

We are now on Itunes! Bandcamp! & CD Baby!

Cover of our new double album! Isn't it cute!

A new double album bringing joy to sad hearts – featuring 10 sing-a-long, high-spirited folk-punk tunes co-written by Nate and Tessa and 10 lyrically driven banjo songs, written by Nate on his great grandfather’s banjo.

MP3’s via itunes (set prices) >> bandcamp ( donation)
CD’s via cd baby ($8.99) >> or paypal (donation)

Free Downloads!

Hey everybody.

Thanks for stopping by. After a couple years of chaos and not being able to stay on top of things, yesterday I was able to put our first 3 full lengths back up for FREE Download. These songs are all hosted on CLLCT so please check them. Hopefully I’ll have more releases up soon from our back catalog. So tell your friends to stop by and pick up some quality rock n’ roll… then we get to your town sing your heart out!

Hopefully you’re having a great week. We can’t wait to see everyone @ The Bradley Hathaway Show on Thursday!


Nate Allen

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