Five Iron Frenzy In Lawrence Kansas

We just made amazing Valentines Day plans and you should totally come hang out!

Photo: We made some Valentines Day plans. Come hang out!

Five Iron Frenzy
House of Heroes
Destroy Nate Allen

Feb. 14th
The Granada Theater / Lawrence, Kansas
Here are the show details.



Destroy Nate Allen Glow In The Dark 10″ OUT TODAY!

Hey Everybody!

We decided that today would be the perfect day to let you in on a little secret called Glow In The Dark!

For a few years we’ve been scheming to release a vinyl retrospective and it finally happened thanks to Vinyl Remains!

Glow In The Dark is a 12-track collection of Destroy Nate Allen favorites, brought to you by Vinyl Remains and released on a 10″ highlighter yellow and hot pink vinyl record. The record comes with two full album downloads; 1 album download is ripped directly from the vinyl and the other is of your standard mp3 fair. Only 300 records have been made! This is our first ever full length collection of songs to make it onto vinyl and we are very excited.

You can order the record straight from Vinyl Remains here or go download it on our bandcamp.

If you are in the Kansas City area, Nate will be playing a (mostly) solo set at Cafe Main (801 Main St) in Grandview, MO to celebrate the album release this Sunday Nov. 10th. The show is all-ages from 6-8 pm and $2.

We hope to see you soon.

Nate and Tessa

About GITD:

Glow In The Dark, in some ways, represents the best of what our band, Destroy Nate Allen, has been. We have performed most of the songs on Side A hundreds of times; these are the requests – “White Flag”, “Jesus, Keep Us Safe From The Cops,” “My Parents Managed Apartments” – and some of our favorite songs: “Loving You Means Everything” and “Recipe.”

For the last several years we have been exhausting our artistic life force, traveling the country and singing our hearts out as a duo. But before that, Destroy Nate Allen was a bare bones, confessional solo project. This is reflected on Side B, which features some of my least favorite songs to play live such as: “Asshole” and “Last Call.” These songs represent the hard times, the struggles, my fears. Nevertheless, the album ends as it should, with laughter and loud crowd participation.

We are super excited to finally have this retrospective collection see the light of day. Most of these recordings are far out of print and or have never been officially released. It is hard to say what the future holds, but we are so thankful for your love and support that has allowed our extroverted folk punk theater to exist. – Nate Allen

My Parents Managed Apartments
Loving You Means Everything
Turns Our You’re Perfect For Me
Jesus, Keep Us Safe From The Cops
White Flag

Glow In The Dark
Broken Wings
Last Call
We Made It
Ready Steady Go (Live In Minneapolis)

We’re Doing A Kickstarter!

Check out our Kickstarter: Destroy Nate Allen’s Epic Album Adventure!

Destroy Nate Allen was recently presented with an opportunity to make our first professional studio album featuring the amazingly fun Gnarboots (Asian Man Records) as our backing band. The album will be recorded in California to 2” tape at The Atomic Garden, run by Jack Shirley who plays in Comadre. We’d like to invite you take part in this epic adventure by choosing one of the rewards to the right, essentially pre-ordering the new album.

Two of the songs from this recording session will be featured on a split 7” vinyl with Blaster The Rocket Man, who play sci-fi, mind-altering, horror punk. They are one of our favorite bands ever!

Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing platform, so for everyone to get their awesome prizes, we need to reach the $4000 goal. You are not charged for your pledge if the goal is not reached by Jan 18. Concurrently, if we do reach our goal, you are not charged until Jan 18, when the funding period ends. Without your help we will not be able to make this happen.

We are based in Portland, OR and play interactive, sing-a-long, folk punk. Since 2006, we have self-released and self-funded 6 full-length albums and played over 700 shows throughout the United States. Tessa’s tax work is seasonal and we are both full time students. The financial strain of being such active musicians is taking its toll, but we cannot pass up such a unique opportunity.

Below are a ton of details about various aspects of the project. We’ve racked our brains coming up with the coolest rewards imaginable, so spread the word and let’s have some fun!

Check out our Kickstarter: Destroy Nate Allen’s Epic Album Adventure!

Thank you in advance for your support!

Nate Allen

Hip-Hop vs. Punk Rock!

I met Sam from the Illusionists right around 9-11. His band high school band EPD came down from Eugene to play my high school band Milesmouthguard’s CD Release show. Somehow a borrowed bass amp caught fire and the fire department was called.

I’m super stoked for this show. All 6 bands are fantastic and we’re playing our favorite garage! This is our first all-ages show in N. Portland since May. Tell everyone let’s have a blast! – Nate

(destroy) Nate Allen’s 30th Birthday Spectacular!

Hey Everyone!

I only turn 30 once! Tell everyone! This show is gonna be epic.

This is also the first DESTROY NATE ALLEN show in Portland SINCE MAY! Come celebrate our return!!!

We’re playing somewhere on the first half of the night. I couldn’t be more stoked to play with a few of my favorite punk bands for my birthday. Below is all the info on the show!

Boats – on tour from Sacramento and play killer pop punk
Company – members of Early Times, Drunken Boat, Anchor Down
The Bloodtypes – ex-epoxies
Mormon Trannys – good guys & good band

See you at the show!

Nate Allen

@ Plan B Bar. 1305 SE 8th Ave – Portland, OR – 8 PM – 21+ – $7
Sorry it’s 21+ some all-ages events are in the works.

Destroy Nate Allen FUN FUN FUN US TOUR!

This is our only US tour of 2011! Tell you friends.

Addresses are on the show page. Our friend Adam made the tour poster. Check his art out here!!

Check the facebook event!

We’ll see you soon!

❤ Nate & Tessa!


We leave on tour June 4th but before that we have 3 killer Portland shows. All are worth attending and each will be pretty different. Here are the dates and the selling points:

May 11th – The Farm House (our place!) – a very rad folk show!
w/Medicine For The People, Kelli Schaefer, Seth Martin & The Menders.
This is night of epic sing-a-longs will feature Seth Martin’s last US show for a year and the stop in your tracks rock n’ roll of Kelli Schaefer, who just got named as one of Portland’s best new bands by the Willamette Week. Check the facebook Event

May 16th – The Bomb Shelter – crazy fun punk show!
w/Kepi Ghoulie, Danger Death Ray, and one very special guest.
– This will be a super fun, Kepi (asian man/ x-groovie ghoulies) is very, very neat to see live and the mystery guest features members of band I thought I’d never play with and of course we put out a 7″ with Danger Death Ray last year! Check the facebook event.

May 20th – The Sea Shanty! – The best of both world, a great night of folk punk!
w/Autry!, Ether Circus and Self Proclaimed Narcissist
This is our last Portland show until late August. Autry rocks wonderfully and we rarely get to enjoy the sweetness that is Ether Circus. The Sea Shanty is our favorite place to rock and we’re putting out a split with SPN later this summer. Check the facebook event!

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