Destroy Nate Allen Glow In The Dark 10″ OUT TODAY!

Hey Everybody!

We decided that today would be the perfect day to let you in on a little secret called Glow In The Dark!

For a few years we’ve been scheming to release a vinyl retrospective and it finally happened thanks to Vinyl Remains!

Glow In The Dark is a 12-track collection of Destroy Nate Allen favorites, brought to you by Vinyl Remains and released on a 10″ highlighter yellow and hot pink vinyl record. The record comes with two full album downloads; 1 album download is ripped directly from the vinyl and the other is of your standard mp3 fair. Only 300 records have been made! This is our first ever full length collection of songs to make it onto vinyl and we are very excited.

You can order the record straight from Vinyl Remains here or go download it on our bandcamp.

If you are in the Kansas City area, Nate will be playing a (mostly) solo set at Cafe Main (801 Main St) in Grandview, MO to celebrate the album release this Sunday Nov. 10th. The show is all-ages from 6-8 pm and $2.

We hope to see you soon.

Nate and Tessa

About GITD:

Glow In The Dark, in some ways, represents the best of what our band, Destroy Nate Allen, has been. We have performed most of the songs on Side A hundreds of times; these are the requests – “White Flag”, “Jesus, Keep Us Safe From The Cops,” “My Parents Managed Apartments” – and some of our favorite songs: “Loving You Means Everything” and “Recipe.”

For the last several years we have been exhausting our artistic life force, traveling the country and singing our hearts out as a duo. But before that, Destroy Nate Allen was a bare bones, confessional solo project. This is reflected on Side B, which features some of my least favorite songs to play live such as: “Asshole” and “Last Call.” These songs represent the hard times, the struggles, my fears. Nevertheless, the album ends as it should, with laughter and loud crowd participation.

We are super excited to finally have this retrospective collection see the light of day. Most of these recordings are far out of print and or have never been officially released. It is hard to say what the future holds, but we are so thankful for your love and support that has allowed our extroverted folk punk theater to exist. – Nate Allen

My Parents Managed Apartments
Loving You Means Everything
Turns Our You’re Perfect For Me
Jesus, Keep Us Safe From The Cops
White Flag

Glow In The Dark
Broken Wings
Last Call
We Made It
Ready Steady Go (Live In Minneapolis)


Oct. 8th – Dec 19th US TOUR!

Today we start a US Tour lasting through Dec. 19th. We’ll be joined by Insomniac Folklore for the first month. We’re very much looking forward to hitting the road! Tyler has been one of my best friends since we met in Junior High. We’ve both toured the US Multiple time but never together until now! Get ready for some of the rocking acoustic music this side of Larry and His Flask.

We look forward to seeing everyone! Addresses and details on the the shows page. Here’s a run down of the town’s were hitting. If you can help us out with a show email –

We look forward to seeing everyone.


Nate Allen

Here’s the facebook event!

Oct 18 – Fort Collins, CO – Surfside 7 (21+)
Oct 19 – Denver, CO – Yellow Feather Coffee
Oct 20 – Denver, CO – 3 Kings Tavern (21+)
Oct 21 – Casper, WY – Sonic Rainbow
Oct 22 – Rapid City, SD – Staging Grounds
Oct 23 – Aberdeen, SD – Red Rooster ZOMBIE PROM!!!
Oct 24 – Fargo, ND – VFW Hall
Oct 25 – Minneapolis – Conventical
Oct 27 – Ames, Iowa – Ames Progressive
Oct 28 – Lincoln, NE – Clawfoot House
Oct 29 – Lincoln, NE – Max Ave
Oct 30 – Kansas City – Christian’s House
Oct 31 – St. Louis – Chuck’s House
Nov 2 – Nashville – House Show
Nov 3 – Memphis – Stash House
Nov 4 – Little Rock – ACAC
Nov 5 – Oklahoma City – bad granny’s bazzar
Nov 6 – Wichata, KS – Vertical Violet
Nov 7 – Hannible, MO – House Show
Nov 8 – Springfield, IL – black sheep
Nov 9 – Milwaukee, WI – brewing grounds for change
Nov 10 – Madision, WI – ambrosia co-op
Nov 11 – Chicago – HeLP
Nov 12 – Chicago – Risen Savior (South Side)
Nov 13 – Kalamazoo – TBA
Nov 14 – Grand Rapids, MI – Takehold Fest
Nov 15 – S. Bend Indiana – Ugly Mugs
Nov 16 – Indianapolis – House Show
Nov 17 – Bloomington – House Show
Nov 19 – Columbus, Ohio – The Spor Infoshop
Nov 20 – Pittsburgh, PA – Smiling Moose w/Rev Peyton
Nov 21 – Cleveland, OH – Now That’s Class
Nov 22 – Buffalo, NY – TBA
Nov 23 – Rochester, NY – Shark Tank
Nov 28 – W. Virginia
Nov 29 greensboro
Nov 30 raliegh
Dec 1 – Asheville – TBA
Dec 3 – Charlotte
Dec 4 – Columbia, SC – House Show
Dec 5 – Jacksonville, FL
Dec 6 – Gainesville, FL
Dec 7 – Pensacola, Fl – House Show
Dec 8 – Mobile
Dec 9 – New Orleans
Dec 10 – New Orleans
Dec 11 – Waco
Dec 12 – Dallas / Denton
Dec 13 – Austin
Dec 14 – Abilene
Dec 15 – Las Cruces
Dec 16 – Phoenix
Dec 17 – Flagstaff
Dec 18 – Vegas
Dec 19 – Reno

A crazy month, followed by a crazy week, followed by a crazy weekend, followed by 3 crazy days.

We Got a New Van! Here’s how it went down!

Last Saturday our van was burning oil so bad we got pulled over by a cop…. We barely made it to Chicago amidst smoke we could see inside the van. Over the weekend, the community we were staying in @ Chicago had a wedding and several people in town for a funeral. Both our Chicago shows were hard. Tuesday – I spent 6 hours working on our 83 Econoline to fix a massive oil leak & bad alternator @ our friend Spike’s (from Crashdog!) auto shop. As a result we got to our Milwaukee show 2 hours late. The show was good but we were tired. We slept @ Walmart, only to wake up to a dead battery. Wednesday – Walmart jumped our van & we drove to Autozone. Autozone test our van and said our alternator and battery were good. We drove 1 hour to Oconomowoc & put in 3 quarts of oil. Oconomowoc was a fun.

Thursday – We spent a relaxing day with friends before putting more oil in the van and driving to Madison. 6 Folks came to the Madison show but it was alot fun. On the way to our friends after the show our, started sputtering and reached a top speed of 25 MPH on the freeway. We coasted, to a McDonald’s parking lot. It breathed it’s last. A guy with a huge pick up tried to jump us but to no avail, he gave us a ride instead.

Friday morning we got up and with our friends AAA had the van towed back to the house.

We had about $200 dollars to our name, and a dead van. We spent the next few hours trying to figure out how to get to Minneapolis. We prayed and sent out a cry for help.

Hertz said they would rent us a car the weekend (we have Oregon ID’s and no Credit Cards) but they would have to put a hold on $200 dollars in our account. A friend gave us $200, we rented a car @ 5:30 PM and drove 80 through the snow to Minneapolis. Our friend Cynthia drove from Fargo… the show was alot of fun. We a great time, one on the funnest nights on tour by far.

Saturday – We left for Omaha on 5 hours of sleep. We were a little late for load in but everyone was very rad. Tessa’s Aunt Janet came to our show.. I’d never met her before. Omaha was amazing over 150 kids @ Sokol Underground. We got to open for Flatfoot 56 & The Killigans. Both bands are rad and very worthy of support. Bald Bearded Cow Productions took care of us. We had our best night financially in 3 years of touring! We almost had enough for a van.

Sunday – On 4 hours of sleep we back to Madison. Tessa searched Craigslist. She found a 1996 Plymouth Grand Voyager we could afford. We dropped off our a rental car & had our late return fee waved. Some friends drove us to check out the van. We took it for a spin and bought it.

In conclusion, we drove 1,247 miles two play two shows in three days. A few friends, including one of my college professors, donated money to keep us a float & help us buy a new van!

Tomorrow, we leave for another 500 mile drive for show in Kansas City. Before we go we have to load our new and scrap our old van. I think I’ve had enough adventure for a few days.

Much thanks to everyone who came out a the shows, sang-a-long, gave us hugs, bought merch, encouraged us, or said a prayer. You are all more valuable then you know.

See you on the road. We’ve got two month left!


Nate Allen

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