Following Recipes and Creating Mayhem In Small Spaces


We hope life has been kind to you.

One thing we have noticed now that we are living in Kansas City is that groceries, specifically produce, are more expensive in the Midwest than on the West Coast. This has driven us to make the weekly farmer’s market our primary grocery experience. Tessa has been looking up all kinds of recipes online learning how to make delightful new dishes. Today’s success was ratatouille!  I (Tessa) loosely followed this guy’s recipe (except I did cook the eggplant and zucchini separately).


In May, we went down to Eugene and played a show live on KWVA! We invited people to the radio station just like a regular house show, and ended up with a great mix of friends and new faces packing out the small room. Besides showcasing how FUN we are, it is the longest show in DNA history and spans nearly 2 hrs (including an interview and plenty of banter). There are quite a few surprises on the recording, including some unreleased songs from a Nate side project, so go check it out. It’s available for free or donation.

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