Koo Koo Kanga Roo Record Release – Saint Paul, Minn

Koo Koo Kanga Roo Album Release

Come hang out with us this weekend in the twin cities with Koo Koo Kanga Roo. They will be celebrating the release of their new album Woopty Woop on Asian Man Records. If you haven’t heard of Koo Koo Koo Kanga Roo they play “kid songs for adults”. Sound familiar? They are totally fantastic and just finished a tour with The Aquabats. We’re playing the early all-ages show @ 12 Noon @ Amsterdam Hall in St. Paul. General B and the Wiz and Carroll will be rocking the late night 18+ show. Make sure you bring any friends who love dancing, sing-a-longs, and having fun!


New York City Is Overrated (1 Month into a US Tour)

On Friday marks 1 month on the road. Our goal is to be out on the road until around Christmas. In the next few weeks we have shows in Philadelphia, New Brunswick, New London, Ithaca and East Avon (Rochester), Lock Haven, East Stroudsburg, New York and Raleigh. Tour has been good so far. In the last month, we’ve played our way across the country and completed our first ever string of full band shows. We’ve been enjoying some time off with family in Western PA for the last week. Tomorrow we get back in the van to head east. I’m still in the middle of booking so if we should play your town let us know. If you haven’t heard it yet below is a link to stream and download our new album.

Hope all is well and see you on the road!

Nate Allen

Hip-Hop vs. Punk Rock!

I met Sam from the Illusionists right around 9-11. His band high school band EPD came down from Eugene to play my high school band Milesmouthguard’s CD Release show. Somehow a borrowed bass amp caught fire and the fire department was called.

I’m super stoked for this show. All 6 bands are fantastic and we’re playing our favorite garage! This is our first all-ages show in N. Portland since May. Tell everyone let’s have a blast! – Nate

Pre-Order Until My Ankle’s Better!

Our next full length – Until My Ankle’s Better comes out August 18th! The record is 16 songs and is something we’re very proud of. The first 200 copies will be screenprinted CDR’s packaged in DVD cases with a 20 page zine. We’re putting out CDR’s because don’t have enough cash to press the record. We’ll have these for our upcoming West Coast Tour until they run out!

If you want one of these limited releases you’ll need to pre-order it now!

To order simply paypal using the button below. This record will be available for donation at shows, but we’re asking for minimum $7 donation for pre-orders, which includes shipping.

Thanks! Nate

Check out The Circle Must Be Broken!

Two New Records and a 6 Month Tour!

Dear Friends.

We have huge news in Destroy Nate Allen land.

First and foremost we have two new full lengths completed and being sent off to the pressing plant this week.

They are as follows:

Destroy Nate Allen – Perfect Recipe For A Smile

Recipe is our new folk/punk/sing-a-long/party record and was co-written by Tessa and myself. It is a very fun and interesting listen. If you dig our live show you’ll most likely love this record, as it’s full of energy, life, and very very fun brand new songs. Recipe also marks the first time we’ve recorded in a “studio,” and the quality shows. We’ve put our hearts into this record and we’re quite proud of it!

01. Anchors Away
02. Turns Our Your Perfect For Me
03. Recipe
04. Loving You
05. White Flag
06. His Lips Are Sealed Hallelujah
07. Don’t Walk Away
08. Steady
09. I Am Alive
10. Smile

http://www.myspace.com/destroynateallen has song up from this record now.

Nate Allen – Don’t Let This Smile Fool You

Smile is in all ways my return to being a solo/singer/songwriter. It’s a somewhat quiet collection of 10 songs I wrote alone on my great grandfathers banjo over spring break. I home recorded these songs in our apartment. They’re chock full of honestly, whit and homespun family charm.

11. Phil Collins
12. Don’t Let This Smile Fool You
13. 35, 35, 35
14. Guitar Strings
15. Glow In The Dark
16. How To Make A Girl Cry
17. Grandpa
18. Ain’t Gonna Rain No More
19. Suffer
20. Pardon Song

http://www.myspace.com/nateallenmusic has song up from this record now.

Both CD’s have been professional recorded/mixed/mastered and for the first time I can really say I see why people pay for these services. The quality shows. I can confidently say these are our best releases to date.

Recipe/Smile are being released on one CD to save on funds, in a few weeks. We’ll have a limited number hand numbered advanced CDR’s on the first leg out of tour.

Our last Portland show of 2009/Duel Album Release/6 Month Tour Kick off show is June 12.

Show Details:
Destroy Nate Allen (we play @ 9:30)
w/800 Octane, Absent Minds, We Play Quiet, The Seditionists
Friday // June 12th // The Coop // 3535 N. Lombard – Portland, OR // 8 PM $5 All-Ages

Come see us off and pick up a copy of our new CD’s.. You won’t be sorry. We’re spending all we screen printing, fixing up our new van and tuning up our guitars for tour we can’t wait to see everyone!

See you on the road.

Nate Allen

Roseburg Show

Thanks to everyone for coming out our show in Roseburg last night. We had a great time! A big thanks needs to go out to Carlson Productions for keeping the scene alive! Support Erik in anyway you can. It was awesome to rock with Josh from Showbread in Roseburg. It seems things have come full circle. One of personal highlights was seeing Insomniac Folklore randomly play a medley of our songs.

If you have any photos or videos from the show let us know!!!



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